Open Life Drawing School

The Open Life Drawing School is one of the preeminent courses that characterize ancient Academies of Fine Arts in Italy and, in its centennial life, it has promoted of the art of drawing through famous national and international masters and students.

The Open Life Drawing School of the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara is one of the few still existing in Italy and it is still a place where students deepen the tradition of drawing, art practice, and artistic theme comparison, proposing itself as an elective space for growth and cultural dialogue to its entourage. Recently, the School has also become a reference point for those who wants to get closer to the contemporary language and artistic experimentation guided by seasoned academic professors, without age limits.

The Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, founded in 1769 by Maria Teresa Cybo – Duchess of Massa and Princess of Carrara, wife of Ercole Rinaldo d'Este, Duke of Modena – has always highly promoted the study of drawing practices. In 1820, two Open Life Drawing School classes were established as part of the Academy’s courses of study. Life Drawing is considered as a particularly difficult subject of teaching, but indispensable for achieving a full and professional artistic education. Even today, drawing human bodies – using living models in pose – is a peculiar feature of the Open Life Drawing School didactic training, aimed at all those who intend to get skilled in representing the model from the reality.

The Open Life Drawing School welcomes all those fascinated by art and drawing disciplines without age or experience requirements. Counting on the didactic contribution of the professors of the Academy of Fine Arts, the School offers a 250-hour Open Life Drawing Course. During lessons, students can deepen graphic, pictorial, and modelling themes. They can also freely attend the usual courses of Engraving Techniques and Art History that are held during the academic year.

The Open Life Drawing School attendance does not imply a final exam and evaluation. Students are supported by professors through aimed teaching interventions, in order to promote the acquisition of specific technical skills and knowledge concerning life drawing, putting constantly in relationship tradition and contemporaneity.

Normally, only the five-year enrolment is allowed. Enrolled students are required to pay taxes and fees as planned for ordinary courses. Application forms for the first year enrolment and renovation for subsequent years can be found on the Academy's website here


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