Second Level Master in "Digital Sculpture"

Second Level Master in "Digital Sculpture"

If digitalisation appeared to be a prelude to a process of progressive dematerialization and virtualization of artistic practices, recent years have seen a progressive convergence between material and digital, thanks to the advent of innovative technologies that allow the material translation of digital projects. At the same time, interactive simulations and virtual realities gain more and more know-how closer to the world of traditional arts such as painting and sculpture than programming and data to achieve quality results.

Starting from an already concrete convergence, the Second Level Master in "Digital Sculpture" aims at creating a bridge between two excellences of the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts: The School of Sculpture, characterized by a centuries-old tradition still affecting the identity of the city and the Academy; And the School of New Technologies of Art, one of the first established in Italy, and among the most appreciated schools in the Italian context.

The Second Level Master in "Digital Sculpture" is aimed at achieving high-level professionalization in scopes of application related to the use of the latest generation 3D tools and resources (digital design modeling for the Art, virtual and increased realities), robotics (from 3D printers to robotic arms to various numerically controlled machines used in production), interactive and multimedia arts.

This Master forms professional art and industrial designers able to mix knowledge, cultures and techniques from the world of sculpture with knowledge, cultures and techniques of the digital arts world. The acquired knowledge can be adapted to different professional sectors: from personal art production (sculpture, design, multimedia installation, virtual reality) to the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage, from the videogame industry to digital modeling and animation for cultural industries.

The Master is organized in theoretical lessons, workshops and seminars, and includes qualifying traineeships in high-level structures working in the fields of sculpture, design, scenography, cultural heritage, restoration and contemporary art. The teaching staff of the Academy is supported by artists and high-level professionals.