School of Decoration

The Decoration course is designed as a multidisciplinary workshop that develops any theme concerning Environmental Arts. A flexible learning that analyse the use and management of the space, able to mix and experiment artistic languages and practices looking at the present. It is a workshop aimed at addressing different techniques and aspects of contemporary art, both in themes and languages: from the paint to the formal and linguistic aspects of the object, from the implementation on stage to the performance, from the design to adorning cities, to the spectacular provocations of the new technologies imposed by the present, to the rewriting of the past with its fascinating and polymorphic formal seductions close to architecture and its suggestions, modernising the noble practices of applied arts.

The School of Decoration wants to be a place for free and individual experimentation, where every student can look for its unique style and identity, making differences and uniqueness of paths a central topic, supported by a work that foster specific interests and attitudes in the various proposals of the course.

The First Level Academic Diploma Course is a technical-experimental workshop course, where students are helped to identify their own sign and style, supported by Decoration Design, Chromatology, Techniques and Technologies for Decoration, Ornamental Plastics, Anatomical Art, Engraving, Design and Photography Methodology workshops completed by the specific choice between Costume Making Techniques or Sculpture and Forming Techniques, between Contemporary Sculpture Techniques or Visual Arts Techniques and Technologies, in addition to the theoretical courses of Applied Arts History, Modern Art History and Contemporary Art, Aesthetics and Phenomenology. A varied and highly articulate study plan that can provide more specific curriculum ending with a final experimentation in workshops, internships and trainings in qualified professional environments.

The Second Level Academic Diploma Course is characterized by an aptitude deepening aimed at fostering the style and identity of every single student in the uniqueness of its path, and aimed at further developing the chosen professional career. 

Both the First and the Second Level Diploma students shall participate to educational projects, competitions, local, national and international exhibitions promoted by the decoration professors, the Academy of Fine Arts or other institutions.

General Information