School of Graphics

The School of Graphics of the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara includes many varied branches of knowledge, different in objectives and techniques. The various schools of thoughts that enrich this course are interesting for students, who can develop a specific knowledge on the different addressed branches. During the course of Engraving Techniques – Art Graphics, students addresses on paper many themes aimed at improving and enhancing their drawing skills through ancient and modern techniques, including colouring, introduced granting students the possibility to express themselves as they like the most. During the first level course, students attend lessons such as Cast Engraving Techniques, that explains how to reproduce on paper an artwork through a metal mould, and Xylography, in which the tool used is instead a wooden one. The Drawing disciplines for Graphics and artistic Anatomy oare purely aimed at the graphic creation of human figure.

The other soul of the School of Graphics, not less interesting and important than the former, is aimed at visual communication using traditional techniques alongside with digital technologies. It is articulated in lessons such as Computer Graphic, Graphic Design, Editorial Graphics and Special Graphic Techniques.

The advanced two-years course deepens some of the aforementioned themes, fostering and improving the knowledge already available to students and allowing them to develop a personal path choosing courses related to other areas such as Painting, Sculpture, Decoration, Scenography and New Art Technologies.

Students of the School of Graphics traditionally oversee the visual communication of the events organised by the Academy, such as Open Days posters and catalogues. Moreover, they successfully take part to many engraving, graphic design, and photography competitions.

General Information