School of New Art Technologies

The School of New Art Technologies of the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, born in 1999,  has the goal of training artists able to propose innovative and original solutions in the digital media arts sector and to manage the process of developing a project in various artistic and professional sectors.

Different moments of research from the area of contemporary art history, to multimedia languages, communication disciplines, communication process analysis, multimedia design, digital culture, interactive systems, and techniques and audio-visual languages are deepened during this course.

The School of New Art Technologies also aims to train competent professionals specialized in the design and creation of virtual communities whose purpose is fostering the exchange and transmission of practices and universal knowledge among the most diverse sectors, giving these projects a sensitivity and creativity that is not foreseen in other disciplinary fields. The new digital media art, with about half a century of history, has been at the centre of the attention of major institutions in the field of art, science and research for a quarter of a century.

Many national and international institutions and museums have already created a specific area for the new media art, organizing exhibitions, documentation and research centres concerning this field. The artist is no longer a simple metaphor creator. He has not only a mere symbolic function within society. He is instead an active participant who intervenes "directly" in the productive and social processes surrounding him. The sensitivity and the priority that the School has to transmit to its students is the sensitivity to cooperative work, to knowing and interacting with social, anthropological as well as technological processes, while firmly maintaining in front of them the light of ethical values aimed to the common good rather than to the individual profit.

The key words of the School are terms such as relationship, cooperation, interdisciplinarity, interaction, intercreativity, communication.

Classrooms are all equipped with video projectors and computers are connected by wired and Wi-Fi networks. Students can have their own laptop connected to the wired or WI-FI network. They have at their disposal a multi-purpose space for studying and meeting in which they can compare their experiences by enriching each other, reading the books of a library specialized in multimedia arts. This multi-purpose space is also used for organizing events, conferences, or multimedia installations and for presenting students works to the public.

General Information