The School of Scenography

The School of Scenography is aimed at training professional figures able to approach in the best way the many working branches of the world of entertainment. It also aims to form professionals capable of adapt themselves and eclectically acquire multidisciplinary contents necessary to develop their scenography concept. Learning the work method will also be fundamental to become a scenographer able to carry out through the support of the scientific detailed studies a scenic project from the design of the scene to the implementation of it in a double and eternal comparison between traditional techniques and modern technologies.

The School of Scenography courses aim to develop skills in the traditional and modern expressive technologic tools concerning the use and management of space and the representation principles. It is also aimed at acquiring technical knowledge on the use of materials to realize projects, interventions in the field, environmental works, and to deepen and research on visual artistic languages. 

The training provided focuses on addressing and deeply studying many branches of the world of entertainment that will allow the student to fully comprehend a production, deepening the aspects of scenography and stagecraft; of the making of costumes, from the design phase to the material and pictorial realization; of directing and the History of the Performing Arts

Over the years, The Academy have established agreements with institutions such as the Teatro del Pratello and the G. Puccini Conservatory of La Spezia, offering the opportunity to put into effect the School of Scenography learnings, producing plays designed at the Academy, made in laboratories, and staged in theatres or other places, collaborating with external musicians, actors and singers.

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